Marketing Associate Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Marketing Associate?

Marketing Associate in Fairfax:
Pros: love the area and the shops and how clean and open it is
Cons: not a big city life

Marketing Associate in Monroe:
Pros: Short commute, not a lot of traffic.
Cons: None.

Marketing Associate in Dallas:
"Head Down - Integrity is #1."
Pros: Short commute
Cons: Others in this city are less fortunate

Marketing Associate in New York:
"Media Madness."
Pros: Lots of opportunity, social activities and different companies to work for. Options are endless!
Cons: Feeling the need to work constantly and not being able to wind down after a long day. Consistent anxiety carrying over into the next day.

Marketing Associate in Boston:
"The best city and state in America."
Pros: I love the city, there's so much history and has so much great culture, art, theatre, food... And I have family here. It's got a liberal majority but there is a huge almost equal conservative partisanship. So many things happened here that are key to the nation and we are doing so many things that help lead the nation in the right direction. The main city is walkable. Beautiful architecture.
Cons: It is very expensive to live here.

Marketing Associate in Baltimore:
"Love it."
Pros: The city itself isn't too small but isn't too big either.
Cons: The city is pretty dangerous in some areas. Traffic some days.

Marketing Associate in San Diego:
"Culture, Work Flexibility."
Pros: The people! This place is also extremely supportive and full of growth opportunities, which I love.
Cons: Stress levels are high.