Marketing Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Marketing Manager?

Marketing Manager in Sault Sainte Marie:
"Casino industry 2016."
Pros: Working with a progressive casino CEO, to develop new and exciting promotion to drive revenue.
Cons: Working for a tribally owned business is hard. You have to deal with tribally board of directors, which non have any idea on how to run a multi million dollar business, but they all think they do.

Marketing Manager in New York:
Pros: Love for job, interest.
Cons: Overage hours.

Marketing Manager in Morgan Hill:
"The Job."
Pros: The liberty and autonomy the position allows. The creative freedom to do what needs to happen to get the job done.
Cons: Lack of communication and ambiguity from corporate office and the lack of payment to vendors for marketing efforts in a timely fashion.

Marketing Manager in Irvine:
"Keep up with changing technology."
Keep abreast of all changing technologies; learn as much as possible about digital marketing and always improve leadership skills so that you don't become stale.

Marketing Manager in Los Angeles:
"Interesting place."
You will make your own work. No one is going to help you or give you responsibilities. Can be tough if that is not what you like.

Marketing Manager in Las Vegas:
"All you can do is the job you've been given."
Be persistent, follow up, stick your ground and be passionate about the mission.

Marketing Manager in San Diego:
"Salary positions require a lot of additional overtime."