Marketing Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Marketing Manager?

Marketing Manager in Lenexa:
"Good stepping stone for what I want in my future."
Pros: I like the flexibility of what I do. I also like the field in which I work. I feel like I can actually make a difference in someone's life.
Cons: I feel like the amount of work I do is not recognized/awarded properly. I also feel like I'm under staffed but my concerns are not being heard. The organization isn't structured in a way to feel confident in taking concerns to people who can change things.

Marketing Manager in Denver:
Pros: Building a marketing team from nothing to a team of two. Being able to make executive decisions.
Cons: My salary does not meet my worth and value to the company. Company does not provide fair health insurance. Being a female, I have to fight a little harder to be heard.

Marketing Manager in Sullivan:
"Community involvement."
Pros: I enjoy helping people and being a voice for those who have no one.
Cons: The stress and lack of flexibility.

Marketing Manager in Eau Claire:
"Work Flexibility."
Pros: My employees are fun people to be around and I enjoy the flexibility of my hours if I need to come in late or leave early.
Cons: Dealing with difficult clients.

Marketing Manager in Minneapolis:
"Working at Target."
Pros: I am given a great deal of responsibility and own a large project scope. I have the ability to research trainings, conferences and networking opportunities to further my growth and development. My Manager is completely supportive of my growth and helps me achieve my goals.
Cons: Passive/aggressive corporate culture. Leaders talk the talk but do not always walk the walk. High stress environment with minimal recognition/reward for accomplishing difficult tasks above skill level.

Marketing Manager in Boulder:
"Embrace Change."
Large corporations, particularly in IT, are moving quickly to a more efficient, more automated, more cost-effective business model wherever possible. This results in frequent changes to the organization. Embrace change as a constant. Plan for various scenarios with and for your team. Be positive. Be a leader - or you will get left behind.

Marketing Manager in Chicago:
"Be a strong woman and stand up!"
Have integrity at all times.