Marketing Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Marketing Manager?

Marketing Manager in New York:
Pros: That it benefits the children of the community. Giving them an outlet to pursue their love of gymnastics.
Cons: The lack of benefits. Dealing with problematic customers.

Marketing Manager in Baltimore:
Pros: The people and culture, there's a lot of history here.
Cons: Being away from my home town of Seattle.

Marketing Manager in Los Angeles:
"Land of opportunities."
Pros: Los Angeles is a great place to find different cultures at the same time. There is full of potentials and full of great future.
Cons: You do not know exactly what is your ability unless you find the opportunity to examine yourself. Sometimes it takes more time to have this chance,

Marketing Manager in Inland Empire:
"Know how to multitask."
Be organized , be prepared and be efficient ! Your the face of your company .

Marketing Manager in Bountiful:
"Never bored in Marketing."
Pros: Having a hand in every part of the marketing mix of this little company. Responsibility over so much early in my career.
Cons: Because of the small size of this company I have responsibility over many little pieces that can at some point or another get pushed to the side or forgotten unless each is documented in detail which is so time consuming it almost is always worth it.

Marketing Manager in Minneapolis:
"Trying to stay patient."
Pros: I really enjoy working in the sports and specifically basketball industry. I feel like I have autonomy and genuinely am invested in the company as a whole.
Cons: I feel like the expectations of me are extremely high. I never quite feel like I'm doing enough even though I'm working extremely hard. I know that there are others with less experience, less work-ethic, and less responsibilities that are making more money than me and I don't feel like that's fair.

Marketing Manager in Irvine:
Pros: Flexibility, Lenient Management, Occasionally slow-paced.
Cons: No communication from management, no established goals from management, only individual working on current account with massive workload, no teammates to work with.