Marketing Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Marketing Manager?

Marketing Manager in Charlottesville:
Pros: I have a high degree of autonomy in deciding how to market things and how to set up the tasting room.
Cons: I dislike that I am not given more responsibility such as scheduling, hiring, firing, etc.

Marketing Manager in Worcester:
"Busy, lots to cover and manage at once."
Pros: Freedom of creativity and ability to do as I see fit to benefit our growth. Being a part of a phenomenal team that works very well together in upper management.
Cons: Learning as I go. Not being certain that the decisions I make will be the "right" decisions for the company.

Marketing Manager in Greensboro:
"You Don't Have To Dance Faster."
Employ resources wisely.

Marketing Manager in Menomonee Falls:
"Ask for higher pay."

Marketing Manager in Jersey City:
"How difficult it is."

Marketing Manager in New York:
"Never stop learning..."
You got your degree. Awesome. Now, keep going. What do you (think) you want to do? Ok cool - take a related online course or in person certificate program. Project management is often a great place to start. Don't have the money? Defer your loan payments and budget (Mint App). Don't waste money eating out and drinking. Meal prep. Have a cheat day where you do eat out (cough Saturday obvi cough). Enjoy the now and don't worry so much about tomorrow. Real change will happen in 2-5 year pockets of life. Stay the course and you'll see real change.

Marketing Manager in Boise:
"Work flexibility."
Pros: I love the flexibility I have and the ability to manage my own projects. I have very little guidance.
Cons: The commute is long and other employees can be negative at times.