Meat Cutter Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Meat Cutter?

Meat Cutter in London:
"Go place went out of business."
Pros: Close to home and no the people in the area and treat like family.
Cons: None everything was good and I would work there if it every came back.

Meat Cutter in Quinton:
"Stress level can get very high depending on the vol of busin."
Pros: Working with the public and providing the best quality for them.
Cons: Employees not pulling there weight.

Meat Cutter in Winston-Salem:
"Like most jobs things become routine."
Pros: Being able to help customers with their questions and food choices and being able to interact with them and sharing experiences.
Cons: Dont feel im being compensated appropriately.

Meat Cutter in Minocqua:
Pros: Family environment and learning new things.
Cons: Low pay lack of communication.

Meat Cutter in Tullahoma:
Pros: Good environment great co-workers.
Cons: Minimal opportunities for career advancwment.

Meat Cutter in Beloit:
"It's fun but repetitive."
Pros: The work.
Cons: Boss , other manager are lazy and do nothing . When things are the bosses fault or other managers I still get blamed . Super high stress.

Meat Cutter in New Orleans:
"It's not for everyone."
It's a fast paced job. You will stand up all day, lift 100 lb boxes through slippery coolers and freezers, unload pallets, clean clingy fat and rotten meat off of surfaces you'll have no idea how it managed to get to. Customers will blame you for things out of your own jurisdiction, management will blame you for what the customers do. You'll work harder, faster, and longer than most people for a fraction of a livable wage because somewhere down the line we decided that some jobs are of lesser stature than others. But if you're like me, you'll love every minute of it.