Meat Cutter Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Meat Cutter?

Meat Cutter in Reading, Pennsylvania:
Pros: It’s in the middle of big cities
Cons: Crime

Meat Cutter in Salem, New Hampshire:
"Little stressful do the different types of customers."
Pros: Little stressful do the different types of customers
Cons: The rush to push push push merchandise

Meat Cutter in Milton:
"Work for a career."
Always work hard, but keep yourself and your family in mind when working towards a career. Try to think things through always. Life is hard. Make good decisions.

Meat Cutter in Sweetwater:
"Nothing special."
Pros: There are a lot of places to eat lunch.
Cons: It is a very long drive from where I live.

Meat Cutter in Pineville:
If working all the time and alot of overtime and no weekends off don't become a meat cutter.