Mechanical Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Mechanical Engineer?

Mechanical Engineer in Chico:
"I get to solve problems."
Pros: I work with a good team. We work together to find effective solutions to the problems our company faces.
Cons: The pay. Our company hires fresh out of college engineers which is great, but that combined with living in a medium sized town means that our pay does not reflect the national average.

Mechanical Engineer in Chicago:
Pros: The ability to tie in theory of coursework to the real world and to see a product go from concept to development.
Cons: Lack of communication, unclear path of company, bad executive decisions.

Mechanical Engineer in waltham:
Pros: Flexibility and variety, small size.
Cons: Small size.

Mechanical Engineer in Tulsa:
"It is very satisfying as I get to live out my dream!"
Pros: Problem solving and design analysis.
Cons: The soft skills such as writing and meeting with sales people.

Mechanical Engineer in State College:
"Consider all your options."
Go to a small, reputable school. Get involved in school activities. Get hands on experience. Don't become a (mechanical) engineer for: money; if you're an introvert; if you're afraid to get your hands dirty; if you don't enjoy continual learning.

Mechanical Engineer in Danbury:
"Take care of yourself...thats what any company would do."
Working for a successful, fulfilling, and exciting organization is something most engineers strive to become apart of. Loyalty to your organization is a noble trait for any employee, however when ever the thought begins to creep into your mind that this is not the company for you, it's best to move on and find a new opportunity. Always stay ethical, work to the best of your abilities, and challenge yourself, but never let anyone take advantage of you. Only one life to accomplish your goals.

Mechanical Engineer in Arvada:
Stick with your knowledge and know how to support your work with fact. Be truthful and honest even if the results are not in favor of your theory.