Mechanical Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Mechanical Engineer?

Mechanical Engineer in Idaho Falls:
"Great amount of flexibility."
Pros: I love the work itself. Participating in and improving the energy industry is very motivating to me.
Cons: Upper management is dishonest and sneaky.

Mechanical Engineer in Cadillac:
Pros: Working for a government contractor that provides support to the military.
Cons: Poor management at the upper levels.

Mechanical Engineer in Florence:
"Challenging enviroment with rapidly changing deliverables."
Pros: Continually receive assignments that require further research and learning leading to continually improving skill set. In general, any given day will require work in several different areas of focus.
Cons: Continuously changing parameters and deadlines lead to a frustrating number of iterations on designs that could have been simplified with better communication from the process engineering group to begin with.

Mechanical Engineer in Atlanta:
"Challenging work ahead."
Pros: Creative control and autonomy.
Cons: Hard deadlines and limited resources.

Mechanical Engineer in St. Louis:
"Challenging career."
Pros: Designing products. Evaluating complex problems. Implementing solutions and taking ownership. Interesting technical problems. Continuous learning. Improving processes.
Cons: Conflicting interests from different departments. Slow to adopt modern software and technology to improve efficiency. Bureaucracy, slow to implement changes. Changing requirements and schedules. Unrealistic expectations in scheduling. Older employees resist change.

Mechanical Engineer in Miami:
Pros: Great team to work for.

Mechanical Engineer in Temecula:
Pros: I work on really cool stuff, freedom to design, good learning opportunity.
Cons: Long hours, low pay, not many perks.