Mechanical Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Mechanical Engineer?

Mechanical Engineer in Chennai:
Pros: I want a high payscale in famous company.
Cons: Stress full, more works, different works.

Mechanical Engineer in Columbus:
"Office slavery."
Pros: I get to do actual design engineering.
Cons: Stress level is high and work-life balance is non-existent. The Japanese I work for expect too many hours for you to have a functioning life outside of work. Very unhappy.

Mechanical Engineer in Cincinnati:
"Technically Challenging Stressful Environment."
Pros: Technically challenging engineering projects. Talented engineers and subject experts. Flex schedule. Short commute.
Cons: Highly stressful. Only one primary customer with not enough work to go around. No career growth. Minimal holidays.

Mechanical Engineer in Dallas:
"Real World."
Keep learning and own your work.

Mechanical Engineer in Fife:
"Clear Communication."
Clearly communicate the motives for your ideas and what you think you can do to solve the issue. If you can communicate to your team you are much more likely to be happy with your team and your work.

Mechanical Engineer in Seattle:
"It's been good, I've always had a job."
Work hard, but realize that whether or not you keep your job has as much to do with office politics as performance. You also need to aquire some practical skills: at a job you aren't going to be doing calcs all day. The hardest part of work is the social interactions, and the practical aspects of the job. It helps if you know how basic machine tools are used too.

Mechanical Engineer in Bangalore:
"It was not so bad and not so good for me also."
Pros: Supervise on other employees and takes care about their work.
Cons: The company forced me to do something.