Mechanical Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Mechanical Engineer?

Mechanical Engineer in Seattle:
"Mechanical Design engineer."
Pros: -a lot of responsibility right away. -varying project scope.
Cons: - lack of structure. - no room for advancement.

Mechanical Engineer in Lake Forest:
Pros: Experience.
Cons: Pay.

Mechanical Engineer in Nashville:
"Keep Learning."
Always keep learning. Never say, "That's not my job." Focus on the problem at hand, not the blame.

Mechanical Engineer in Fort Wayne:
"My Job."
Pros: I like that I am challenged with different projects and that we don't ever create the same building. It forces me to stretch my mind and think outside the box, thus strengthening my skills as an engineer.
Cons: I do not like how easily we can be pushed by the owner/contractor to make late changes in a project. It forces us to put a lot of time into a project when we were supposed to be wrapping it up. That, in turn, ruins our schedule for other projects.

Mechanical Engineer in Clearfield:
"Being a Mech. Engineer is Great!"
Pros: I love building machines, improving process and making or saving more money!
Cons: I'm not a fan of when things don't work well, when we make mistakes that cause long hours and not being able to get all the tasks done as quickly as I hoped.

Mechanical Engineer in Idaho Falls:
"Great amount of flexibility."
Pros: I love the work itself. Participating in and improving the energy industry is very motivating to me.
Cons: Upper management is dishonest and sneaky.

Mechanical Engineer in Houston:
"Own Your Career."
No one will provide a career path for you, you have to be proactive in developing your skills and reputation.