Medical Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Medical Assistant?

Medical Assistant in Chesapeake:
Pros: Nice environment to work with. All employees get along.
Cons: Low pay, poor communications between the management and staff.

Medical Assistant in Flushing:
"Good salary, insurance."
I Am very responsible person I Am good worker I love my job I Do vital, check weight ,hight, temperature , phlebotomy , Inj's, shots, ABI Doppler , prepare pt, for medical clearance and more .....

Medical Assistant in Boston:
Pros: Location co-workers.
Cons: Perks and benefit time should be different.

Medical Assistant in High Point:
"Work in the early morning doing GI and also working Internal."
Pros: My day starts out round 6:40 in the morning and get to leave early in the day. Getting the experience in working in the GI and Internal medicine. Working with teams at different locations getting the knowledge I need to do my job.
Cons: Management, some of them can be difficult to work with and how they handle situations in the practice. Working with certain doctors who all do not work the same and have different views on patient care.

Medical Assistant in Ithaca:
"Steady pace."
Pros: Working with elderly patients.
Cons: Not enough pay.

Medical Assistant in Houston:
"Waste Of Time And Money!"
Do NOT pick this type of job as long term career path. It does not pay enough and you are over worked and under paid.

Medical Assistant in Springfield:
"Rewarding Job."
Continue your career path and learn as much now as possible as a medical assistant then follow on to become a RN.