Medical Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Medical Assistant?

Medical Assistant in Salt Lake City:
Pros: Helping people, learning new skills and honing what I know.
Cons: Co-workers and difficult patients.

Medical Assistant in Eustis:
Pros: Patient care. Love the people I work with.
Cons: No raises. No bonuses.

Medical Assistant in McHenry:
"Urgent care."
Pros: Helping people.
Cons: People that don't work hard and slack off. Hourly rate of pay.

Medical Assistant in Houston:
"Giving care."
Pros: Helping people out.
Cons: Pt coming in mad.

Medical Assistant in Quincy:
Pros: Love helping people.
Cons: Nothing.

Medical Assistant in Schertz:
Pros: Interactions with patients.
Cons: The number of patients seen in a day by doctor and the time limit we have for an eight hour day.

Medical Assistant in Melbourne:
Pros: I get to put smiles on children's faces and reassure parents their children are in good hands.
Cons: There is not any competent management.