Medical Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Medical Assistant?

Medical Assistant in Melbourne:
Pros: I get to put smiles on children's faces and reassure parents their children are in good hands.
Cons: There is not any competent management.

Medical Assistant in Martinsville:
Pros: The doctors I work for are amazing.
Cons: I make mistakes because I don't have time to double check my work, I have to work long hours to make sure everything is done.

Medical Assistant in El Paso:
"Dont know if its worth it."
Pros: Its medical office.
Cons: Hours and salary.

Medical Assistant in Kennewick:
Pros: Great environment, friendly workers, happy results for patients, nice benefits.
Cons: Monotonous tasks, both busy and slow at various times.

Medical Assistant in Haddonfield:
"Give me the opportunity for more knowledge and set my skills."
Pros: Patients, surgery and interaction with the public.
Cons: The environment (people the I work with)

Medical Assistant in Staten Island:
"My job experience."
Pros: What I like most about my job I get to expand my learning and knowledge. You can learn new things and there's a variety of things to do such as assisting the doctor with a procedure, working the front desk with patients handling paper work etc.
Cons: The bad thing about my job one will never get benefits, paid vacation, it is extremely hard to get a raise even if you try to learn everything in the office.

Medical Assistant in Great Neck:
Pros: I'm able to help the patients.
Cons: Not having enough help.