Medical Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Medical Assistant?

Medical Assistant in Atlanta:
"Working As A Medical Assistant Make Me Feel So Helpful."
Pros: I love every thing about my job.
Cons: There is nothing that I don't like about it.

Medical Assistant in Detroit:
Love what you do don't just do it for the money.

Medical Assistant in Downey:
"I hate my job."
Pros: Nothing, they are very abusing people with no care for their employees what so ever, no lunch breaks, we work 13 hour shifts, were there from 7am-9pm the drs have 3 different office locations all are managed by one person we must travel to each location every single day the pay is horrible, we cant get sick because nobody can cover for us and when I try to quit they wont let me HELP.

Medical Assistant in Fresno:
Pros: Its a good place to gain experience.
Cons: Lots of work responsiblities with little compensation.

Medical Assistant in Boston:
"Physical, Mental, Stressful Demanding Job."
Pros: The hospital as a whole is extremely good to their employees. There is always a possibility of advancement. The perks are great too.
Cons: The current manager is a business manager not a clinical nurse manager. Therefore, only cares about the money coming in, not the concerns or conditions of the patients.

Medical Assistant in Philadelphia:
Pros: I like the practice I work for. I like the patient care I give. It's in my nature to nurture. The doctors/surgeons are so enlightening. The fact that I work along side students give me education on the job.
Cons: The pay rate do to the fact I pay to go to work.

Medical Assistant in Bend:
"My Salary."
What the level of advancements are offered or is it better to continue ones education.