Medical Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Medical Assistant?

Medical Assistant in Milledgeville:
"Punctual, hardworking."
Pros: I love that I have the opportunity to take care of patients.
Cons: Doing hard work for a small pay that's stressful.

Medical Assistant in Chicago:
Pros: Helping the pt feel better.
Cons: Doctors not organized and appreciative toward staff. Stress level and work condition.

Medical Assistant in Sterling Heights:
"Certification is needed."
Make sure you get certified.

Medical Assistant in Mount Angel:
Pros: Working with patients, helping others.
Cons: Risks of getting sick.

Medical Assistant in Montgomery:
"This career is a very great career."
Get certified in all areas of medical assistanting.

Medical Assistant in Fresno:
Don't stop your education.

Medical Assistant in Medford:
"Soft Spot."
Make sure you have empathy, patience, understanding, warmth, multi-tasking skills along with clinical skills to be optimal in your position.