Medical Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Medical Assistant?

Medical Assistant in Burlington:
Pros: Patients are amazing, customer service experience.
Cons: Hard work.

Medical Assistant in Round Rock:
Pros: Foundation in which facility was built upon.
Cons: Depends on the pay rate. If thats good the theres nothing more to say for now.

Medical Assistant in Manchester:
Pros: I like taking care of people and helping them get better. I especially like our reputation of being well known for actively listening to our patients, spending more than 15 minutes with them, and actually making a positive impact on their health.
Cons: I dislike that we are short-handed on office staff and that it is difficult to get in touch with certain providers.

Medical Assistant in Galveston:
"Change in perspective."
Pros: Love providing care for my patients.
Cons: Nothing.

Medical Assistant in Klamath Falls:
"Office conditions."
Pros: I like that we get PTO.
Cons: I don't like working very hard for little pay. I do nurses work and get underpaid. I do not like being short staffed.

Medical Assistant in Orlando:
"High stress."
Pros: Patient care.
Cons: Office gossip.

Medical Assistant in Payette:
"MA life."
Pros: Cultural differences, work flexibility, great patients.
Cons: Stress level.