Medical Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Medical Assistant?

Medical Assistant in Mesa:
"Helping those you in need."
Pros: Helping others who are not well.
Cons: Unable to help those who are sick.

Medical Assistant in Seattle:
Pros: Good work environment and good benefits.
Cons: Company does not reward it's employees based on dedication and extrodinary work.

Medical Assistant in Phoenix:
"Medical assistant."
Pros: I like that I get to help people feel better or simply smile. I like how I can interact with my patients.
Cons: The least would be no paid time off or vacation time.

Medical Assistant in Fort Worth:
Pros: Flexibility and perks.
Cons: Stress level, culture, office conditions, the management.

Medical Assistant in Marietta:
"Hard work."
Pros: Working and helping patient feel better.
Cons: I care to much and go above and beyond, some people may envy that about me.

Medical Assistant in Freehold:
"Very hard work, yet fulfiliing."
Pros: People interaction, rendering care, learning about the Medical Field.
Cons: Pay is too minimal for how much education is required.

Medical Assistant in Salem:
Pros: Helping patients learning new things.
Cons: Requires a strong ability to multitask must work well in group settings.