Medical Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Medical Assistant?

Medical Assistant in Dearborn:
"Learning experience."
Pros: Working as a medical assistant offers a lot of good job experience.
Cons: Only thing I can complain about is patients.

Medical Assistant in Milledgeville:
"Punctual, hardworking."
Pros: I love that I have the opportunity to take care of patients.
Cons: Doing hard work for a small pay that's stressful.

Medical Assistant in Mount Angel:
Pros: Working with patients, helping others.
Cons: Risks of getting sick.

Medical Assistant in Pearsall:
"Work Flexibility."
Pros: My boss allows me flexibility work hours so that I can take care of family issues.
Cons: I like my job fine.

Medical Assistant in Bridgeton:
"Good Job."
Pros: I enjoy working with patients and it is steady work. No weekends.
Cons: The compensation is not enough for what I am expected to do, I drive longer than I would like adding wear and tear to my only vehicle. I am often at the office at late hours.

Medical Assistant in Huntington Beach:
Pros: I really enjoy helping my patients, drawing blood, and getting to know all different kinds of people. I absolutely like how the dr. Nassir works really well with us and is willing to help is.
Cons: I hate the drive to work and home. I sometimes don't like the people I work with, its like we're back in high school, and we try so hard to Ignore them but they keeo picking at you and talking bad to you.

Medical Assistant in Lakewood:
"Can Be Stressful But Rewarding."
Pros: Learning new things. Nothing really.
Cons: Not getting compensated for all the consistent hard work. New responsibility, no compensation. The office politics. Stress level is very high. Some people don't pull their own weight. There are no perks. There is no management at all. Office conditions are unstable.