Medical Assistant Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Medical Assistant?

Medical Assistant in Columbus:
"Assistant the doctor."
Never under estimate your knowledge and worth.

Medical Assistant in Tucson:
Pros: Staff and patients.
Cons: Pay.

Medical Assistant in Dobbs Ferry:
"Helping sick people."
Pros: Making patients feel great. Interacting with patients. Patient education.
Cons: Bad salary. Stress. Office condition.

Medical Assistant in Corona:
Pros: Assisting providers whether its to translate or with a procedure. As an M.A I have to work at a fast paced which I love, I can multi task and learn many new things.

Medical Assistant in San Diego:
"Patient education."
Pros: Helping patients improve health.
Cons: Stress.

Medical Assistant in Mesa:
"Helping those you in need."
Pros: Helping others who are not well.
Cons: Unable to help those who are sick.

Medical Assistant in Seattle:
Pros: Good work environment and good benefits.
Cons: Company does not reward it's employees based on dedication and extrodinary work.