Medical Office Manager Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Medical Office Manager?

Medical Office Manager in Bellevue:
Be a team player with your office as well as your patients and remain strong in your communication skills.

Medical Office Manager in New York:
"Reach your goals."
Reach your goal, push forward, work hard, set daily goals that can be reached. Take your responsibilities as that responsibilities not something that can get push to another day.

Medical Office Manager in Morgan City:
"Very stressfull with no rewards, work flexibility is great,"
Pros: I love learning new information. I really like the challenge.
Cons: The nurses are very lazy and insubordinate. They do not follow any rules.

Medical Office Manager in San Antonio:
Pros: Learn new things.
Cons: Human resource.

Medical Office Manager in Newport News:
"Details important."
Detail to information is vital in addition to effective people skills.

Medical Office Manager in Mt Clemens:
"Office management."
Continue to learn always.... Don't ever stop your education.... It is so important not to lose yourself in your job and responsibilities..

Medical Office Manager in Geneva:
"Administration knew what every manager does."
Get proper training for your duties.