Medical Office Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Medical Office Manager?

Medical Office Manager in Marietta:
Pros: Balance - There is a good balance between patient interaction and admin work.
Cons: Communication within the office needs some improvement, pay could be better.

Medical Office Manager in New York:
"Fun and Fabulous."
Pros: New York is a beautiful place and very exciting to work in. The city is filled with amazing food and attractions.
Cons: The worst part about working in New York is commuting by subway.

Medical Office Manager in Birmingham:
"Cost of living."
Pros: Cost of living is great in Birmingham with low property taxes. Also not near the amount of traffic you see in bigger cities.
Cons: Nothing.

Medical Office Manager in Fort Lauderdale:
"This job changed my life."
Don't sacrifice yourself to make everyone happy - Be ready to be underappreciated, and don't take things personally. You will hopefully be with a Dr. As great as the one I work for, but the bottom line is that YOU aren't the owner, and you have to separate yourself, hard as it may be, because you establish relationships with your patients.

Medical Office Manager in Dana Point:
"Deal with all issues, manage office flow, and very flexible."
Pros: I like customer relations and overall management. I know how to deal with difficult patients and make them happy at the end of the day. I turn majority first time patients into repeat patients. I work really well with all customers of the spectrum. I can sell cosmetic treatments and give clarity to patients whenever necessary.
Cons: Office staff communication lacks and that can be frustrating when dealing with tasks or issues that need solutions.

Medical Office Manager in Chapel Hill:
"Be prepared for change."
Practice patience and compassion.

Medical Office Manager in Port Jefferson:
Good communication skills between admistration and staff. Promote education and weekly office meetings. Insist professional behavior between staff and patients. Encourage input from staff regarding new ideas to increase revenue or how the work more efficiently . Encourage learning new skills and cross training of all staff. Enable staff to attend update meetings and training offered by insurance companies and various outside sources.