Medical Receptionist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Medical Receptionist?

Medical Receptionist in East Stroudsburg:
Pros: Making the patients happy.
Cons: No one except for myself answers the phone, and if they do they put them on hold until I am done checking patients in.

Medical Receptionist in Walnut Creek:
"Helping people schedule appointments."
Pros: The scheduler is at the center of the universe in my office. Everything revolves around my job. I interact with new patients and existing patients daily. I work to coordinate the schedules for all doctors. I communicate with doctors daily making them aware of changes in their schedules.
Cons: I am the first point of contact and some patients are demanding, pushy and require special accommodations. It can be difficult to make them happy.

Medical Receptionist in East Stroudsburg:
Pros: The satisfaction of seeing the patient's happy!
Cons: Management gives me everything to do and none to the other worker!

Medical Receptionist in El Paso:
"Work flexibility, management very bad."

Medical Receptionist in Lansing:
"The good and bad."
Pros: I get to meet new people and try to help with some of the bad things that are happening in their lives.
Cons: When people call acting like they are entitled to get an appointment just because their doctor said so or when they show up at the office being rude just because they can not get an appointment.

Medical Receptionist in Marion:
Pros: Enjoy my patients.
Cons: No having the time I getting off of work, and not having every weekend.

Medical Receptionist in Oak Lawn:
Pros: It's fast paced busy office good staff and patients.
Cons: Working as two people underpaid.