Medical Receptionist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Medical Receptionist?

Medical Receptionist in Olympia:
"This is a pretty stressful job. There are changes all the ti."

Medical Receptionist in Elk Grove Village:
This is a perfect job if you're in school and you're preparing for the next step. If your have children or live on your own the income may not meet your outcome.

Medical Receptionist in Lubbock:
"Medical office receptionest."
Be ready for everyone to tell you how everything your doing is wrong but not tell you the right way to schedule patients. Grow a thicker skin than you currently have, don't cry in front of your co-workers and learn to stand up for yourself when your right. They will tell you your wrong even when your not. Keep a hoover file to reference when needed to back up your annual evaluation as far as what you have learned and what you may still need to learn in the upcoming year to be better at your job. These things done correctly your co-workers will learn to depend on you heavily.

Medical Receptionist in West Covina:
"No benefit."
Don't work here bad pay no benefits.

Medical Receptionist in Virginia Beach:
"It can be stressful at times, but you learn to cope."
Pros: Helping the elderly whenever possible. Giving the rehab patients peace of mind. Entering data into computer system. Creating a home like atmosphere for those who have come to my work place for rehab.
Cons: When the patients have no visitors during the holiday season.

Medical Receptionist in Jamestown:
Pros: Interacting with patients.
Cons: The young kids lack of work ethic.

Medical Receptionist in Horsham:
"No advancement opportunities. No learning on the job."
Get a degree, this is nowhere 2b.