Medical Receptionist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Medical Receptionist?

Medical Receptionist in Olympia:
"This is a pretty stressful job. There are changes all the ti."

Medical Receptionist in Virginia Beach:
"It can be stressful at times, but you learn to cope."
Pros: Helping the elderly whenever possible. Giving the rehab patients peace of mind. Entering data into computer system. Creating a home like atmosphere for those who have come to my work place for rehab.
Cons: When the patients have no visitors during the holiday season.

Medical Receptionist in Jamestown:
Pros: Interacting with patients.
Cons: The young kids lack of work ethic.

Medical Receptionist in Missoula:
"Lynda's job."
Pros: I enjoy the people I work with.
Cons: Too many bosses and lack of insurance and pay.

Medical Receptionist in Toms River:
"Medical Office Float."
Pros: I love the diversity of my position. I love that I have learned and assumed new positions within the work place, and that I am malleable within the office. I feel that this makes me a desired worker and that I am an asset to the office, given the amount of alternative positions I have excelled in.
Cons: No Compensation. I feel that in the work place my co-workers and me are under appreciated. I feel that often times good work goes un-noticed and only flaws are pointed out. Since I was hired, I have assumed multiple different responsibilities, many of which require a computer to accomplish. I have yet to be financially compensated for my growth within the office, and I am forced 3 out of 5 days a week to hunt and borrow a computer. I am expected to accomplish all my work without the means to get it done, and without an adequate work space! It is stressful considering my time is being wasted looking for a place to get my work done. Office set up is poor, but unchangeable, often times it is too loud to hear a patient at the window, and I feel that this makes for poor patient care.

Medical Receptionist in Wilmington:
"The management is exceptional and flexible."
Pros: No stress, hours are great, office conditions are exceptional.
Cons: Nothing.

Medical Receptionist in Providence:
"Busy, multi tasking, selling, phones, clean rooms."
Pros: Plastic surgery is fun to talk about and be around.
Cons: Pleasing all patients, multitasting and tasks outside of receptionist work.