Medical Technologist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Medical Technologist?

Medical Technologist in West Palm Beach:
"Fast paced, love working with all the equipment."
Pros: I love helping people by analyzing their blood, urine or feces because I want to my absolute best for the team and mostly for the patient. I believe in helping others and sometimes people overlook the position, but what they don't realize is that we serve as the core of the hospital, meaning that without me there to do the analysis the doctors would not be able to execute the situation hands on.
Cons: Really nothing that pertains to the work itself. What I don't appreciate is the people who I work with making comments because I care and it sometimes comes across as me being hyper when really it's because they abuse the power and make me do their work as well as mine which I'm happy to do if they would help work as a team and not whisper behind my back. I am taking on way more then people understand without ever once complaining. I feel the lack of respect towards me is asinine.

Medical Technologist in Austin:
"High volume reference lab."
Pros: 3rd shift, flexible start times.
Cons: Redection of benefits.

Medical Technologist in Boston:

Medical Technologist in Burlington:
"Quality control quality assurance."
Work in hospital out of school.

Medical Technologist in Baton Rouge:
It's a great job for a mom. Flexible, part-time is an option.

Medical Technologist in New York:
Pros: I work independently.
Cons: Long ride.

Medical Technologist in Nashville:
Go into nursing. Pay for MT's has not kept up with other healthcare fields.