Medical Technologist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Medical Technologist?

Medical Technologist in Chesapeake:
"Tight opportunities."
Pros: Close to home & no interstate driving
Cons: Bad weather causes travel issues

Medical Technologist:
A small medical practice providing a high degree of accountability and autonomy to perform job duties as well as the recognition and respect for employees, contributions are valued. Good compensation, 401K match, generous PTO.

Medical Technologist in Tucson:
"Laid Back."
Pros: The weather
Cons: The heat and ability to move up or into a different area of my field

Medical Technologist in Dayton:
"Dayton Working."
Pros: City is trying to grow and compete with neighboring larger cities.
Cons: No growth for science technical careers.

Medical Technologist in Doylestown:
Go for management or choose another field.

Medical Technologist in Phoenix:
"This job is NOT CSI!"
Be well organized, multi-tasking and have advanced trouble shooting skills.

Medical Technologist in Houston:
"Loving your job."
Loving your job is the key to enjoying work everyday. Stress is always around the corner but just do the best you can and let go of any irritation or disappointment coz no matter how heavy the workload is time continues to pass by and before you knew its time to leave and work never just enjoy what you're doing and be a help to everyone its the most satisfying thing to do each day.