Nanny Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Nanny?

Nanny in Muskegon:
Pros: The little girl is the sweetest!
Cons: The pay is not very much and I would like to up the pay!

Nanny in Pottstown:
Pros: Working with children. Getting paid weekly.
Cons: Don't get paid enough. Don't supply car. Very stressful.

Nanny in New Orleans:
Pros: Flexibility, like working with children.
Cons: Parents in the house and not back up simple discipline.

Nanny in Kirkland:
"My Nanny Job."
Pros: Helping to bring up a child in this world. Spending time with the child and providing for daily care. Teaching a child a new language, playing with the child inside the house and doing activities outside, such as playing at parks/playgrounds, beaches, activity centers and with friends of the child. Being present all the time; NOT ON THE PHONE, as I see most parents, and nannies preferring to stare at their smartphones instead of paying attention to their child they are supposed to be caring about or for.
Cons: Having home cameras staring at me all day long.

Nanny in Houston:
"Best job ever!"
Pros: I have worked as a secondary school teacher, teaching mathematics and Latin. I enjoyed that very much. I started a technology consulting company which was successful and very rewarding. But being a nanny is the best job I've ever had. I love every minute of every day. It doesn't feel like work.
Cons: The worst thing is the weekends. I miss the baby too much! I look forward to Monday mornings.

Nanny in Oregon City:
"Under paid and not appreciated."
Pros: The kids and seeing there smiling faces. As well as watching them grow as people into good children.
Cons: She doesn't give me enough gas money and I have to pay out of pocket.

Nanny in Seattle:
"The most entertaining and demanding job."
Pros: Being a nanny is extremely rewarding. I get to learn with and from children. I see their perspective and I get to laugh with them. Everything is an adventure and they have so much love!
Cons: Frequently nannies are under appreciated and taken advantage of.