Nanny Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Nanny?

Nanny in Stamford:
"Lack of communication."
Make sure all details are very clear.

Nanny in Owasso:
"Cover your bases."
Make sure you sit down and get a nanny contract made. It will help when they start trying to add things to your duty list without asking or giving you proper compensation for what you do that is extra. Also be sure they are paying the nanny taxes otherwise you won't receive a w-2 and that can hinder you from being approved for many things.

Nanny in Kirkland:
"My Nanny Job."
Pros: Helping to bring up a child in this world. Spending time with the child and providing for daily care. Teaching a child a new language, playing with the child inside the house and doing activities outside, such as playing at parks/playgrounds, beaches, activity centers and with friends of the child. Being present all the time; NOT ON THE PHONE, as I see most parents, and nannies preferring to stare at their smartphones instead of paying attention to their child they are supposed to be caring about or for.
Cons: Having home cameras staring at me all day long.

Nanny in Houston:
"Best job ever!"
Pros: I have worked as a secondary school teacher, teaching mathematics and Latin. I enjoyed that very much. I started a technology consulting company which was successful and very rewarding. But being a nanny is the best job I've ever had. I love every minute of every day. It doesn't feel like work.
Cons: The worst thing is the weekends. I miss the baby too much! I look forward to Monday mornings.

Nanny in Oregon City:
"Under paid and not appreciated."
Pros: The kids and seeing there smiling faces. As well as watching them grow as people into good children.
Cons: She doesn't give me enough gas money and I have to pay out of pocket.

Nanny in Spokane:
"How much time and work was required."
SpecificS and job title and priority.

Nanny in Poland:
"I love being a intrical part of having this family's growth."
Pros: I love seeing and being part of the children's growth and advacement.I enjoy helping to keep up with the small household duties ,to keep the whole household flowing.
Cons: With this family I have no contract and because there is nothing written down, So often I feel taken advantage of.There are no clear rules to my pay .My employers do not negotiate or communicate well what is expected or offered in the job before hand.They just make the changes and expect me to approve of it.I've never experienced this in the past work experience.