Nanny Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Nanny?

Nanny in Staten Island:
"Working as a nanny has enjoyable experiences."
Pros: Watching the children grow and learning new adventures. I am in control. I like having a positive impact on the childrens lives.
Cons: When the mother babies one child more than the other.

Nanny in Crivitz:
"The parents are the hardest part . . ."
Pros: I love the flexibility of what I wear, the ability to determine what my work day generally looks like, and the kids are amazing.
Cons: I strongly dislike the constant changing, the unfair and sometimes unreasonable expectations from the parents, and the constant pressure of meeting the parents' expectations while nurturing the children (and often those two are in direct conflict with each other).

Nanny in Westminster:
Pros: Flexible hours, use of cellphone.
Cons: Under paid and under appreciated.

Nanny in Chicago:
Pros: What I like most about being a Nanny is that I learn different things everyday. It may be from the children, intresting facts they learn at school. Sometimes I learn different ways of calming them down. It's never a boring day. The kids keep me active, playing legos, hide and go seek, Soccer, basketball. They love reading books and so do I so we often go to the library and read. The jokes they come up with are so unique. Seeing them happy and laughing.
Cons: Least like about my job, the commute . If I get out just a min. Late from my house I will definitely be late. Traffic, road construction. So this teaches me always to give myself time, leave early.

Nanny in Phoenix:
"Nanny Life."
Pros: Work flexibility, easy hours, the kids love me.
Cons: The kids don't listen very well, constant cleaning.

Nanny in Bridgeport:
"Hardest job in the world... You have to be alert every sec."
Pros: Hard as it is these kids make me smile on a bad day.....
Cons: Long hours.....everlasting energy you have to find to run around with children...parents who don't set boundary for their children...... Therefore these children don't like the word No!!!

Nanny in New York:
Pros: I absolutely love kids and seeing them grow and get smarter. I also love to do lots of activities with them.