Nanny Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Nanny?

Nanny in Albuquerque:
"New nanny."
Pros: 1) low stress and sometimes fun. 2) uses my knowledge and experience from previous career. 3) pay is negotiable.
Cons: 1) can not count on commitment from employers. 2) pay is WAY less than previous career.

Nanny in San Clemente:
Pros: I get time with my daughter and they are flexible with her and school.
Cons: Kids are mean they don't listen they are very spoiled, parents don't care about my feelings or life. They treat me like a slave.

Nanny in Chelan:
"You pay for what you get."
Don't ever ask the parents what they want to pay you. You say my rate is... (What ever it is you want to be paid). You are worth the money don't accept anything less than $40.00/day/child! Also, get reimbursed for gas. As of caring for the child, you want to fallow the parents rules. The way they choose to raise their children is how you should be doing it. Socializing is huge! I take them to play dates, the library for story time, and to the park, at least 4 times a week. I read to them all the time, also teaching them shapes, colors, and how to count. I am a rent-a-mommy, not a babysitter.

Nanny in Chattanooga:
"Best Job in the world."
Pros: We develop a close relationship and share ideas and talk about what is best for the job.
Cons: Sometimes the hours are very long.

Nanny in Denver:
"Nannies are taken advantage of."
Do your homework about FLSA and do not accept a job that doesn't pay overtime. Also don't accept a job without a written contract by the employer.

Nanny in Florida:
"Only a Nanny."
When you hire should be Nanny only.

Nanny in Muskegon:
Pros: The little girl is the sweetest!
Cons: The pay is not very much and I would like to up the pay!