Nanny Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Nanny?

Nanny in Santa Clara:
Pros: It's nice here.
Cons: I miss my home down south.

Nanny in San Antonio:
Make sure you as a nanny ask for what you think you deserve.

Nanny in Denver:
"Good parks, museums, and libraries."
Pros: Great climate.
Cons: The traffic.

Nanny in Seattle:
"Special Needs care."
Pros: The family is amazing.
Cons: Hours can be a little unreliable.

Nanny in Temple:
"Childcare fun."
Pros: I had lots of fun as a nanny.
Cons: I just didn't like being gone from my family close to 60 hours a week for $100.00.

Nanny in Lititz:
"Compensation for Services."
Pros: It is a trustworthy town where people take one another at face value and trust one another more intimately than in other places I've lived.
Cons: It can be difficult to receive the appropriate wages for the types of elevated child care services which my experience offers.

Nanny in Littleton:
"Check pay rates through an agency before agreeing to anythin."
Get your agreement in writing.