Network Administrator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Network Administrator?

Network Administrator in Austin:
"A review."
Pros: Great atmosphere. Great co-workers. Flexible schedule allowing me to experience life outside work.
Cons: Dependency. Being the only IT person for an entire store means I wear all the hats and nobody else is trained as a replacement. 9am-11pm on call. 2 weeks vacation doesn't mean much if it keeps getting interrupted.

Network Administrator in Baltimore:
"The management."
Pros: Flexible hours of working.
Cons: There are no more growth seems in future.

Network Administrator in New York:
"So boring."
Pros: You do not have to do many things, just sit and do whatever you want.
Cons: 1000$ in month ? Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Network Administrator in Columbia:
"Job Duties."
Learn who the players are in the company.

Network Administrator in Los Angeles:
"Education and skillset is key."
Work on certifications and update skillset.

Network Administrator in Chantilly:
Pros: The work and what you can learn at the job.
Cons: You are treated like a body, as if you are replaceable.

Network Administrator in Anaheim:
"I love my Job, just need to be paid for my skills."
Pros: I genuinely love every part of my Job functions.
Cons: I've been underpaid, I took the job because I don't mind proving myself however I'm still under entry level pay!