Network Administrator Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Network Administrator?

Network Administrator in Ludington:
Learn and Learn some more.

Network Administrator in Hickory:
"My Experience as Network Administrator at Century Furniture."
Pros: My job is what I like most about working in Hickory. I rarely go to Hickory unless I am working.
Cons: I drive 90 minutes to and from work.

Network Administrator in Eustis:
"Great city to work for, great people."
Pros: Co-workers.
Cons: Not challenging enough for me.

Network Administrator in Albuquerque:
"How the current business model functioned."
Fully understand network terminology and how it is applied on a daily basis.

Network Administrator in Saranac Lake:
"Great Entry Position/Poor Long Term Position."
Pros: I am able to work in the field that I went to school for immediately out of college. The area also provides me with the resources and trust needed to complete my tasks.
Cons: Internal politics caters to reactive (short term) solutions as opposed to proactive (long term) solutions.

Network Administrator in San Antonio:
"Easy and not rewarding."
Pros: It is easy, and very laid back.
Cons: Not very rewarding most of the time.

Network Administrator in Detroit:
"Ask for more money."
Know your stuff! Be open to change and procedures that hinder change.