Network Administrator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Network Administrator?

Network Administrator in Corpus Christi:
"A non-existent IT job market."
Pros: Nothing, really.
Cons: The pay is about half of what you'd make in a bigger city.

Network Administrator in San Antonio:
Pros: It's home for me.
Cons: Traffic.

Network Administrator in Fort Wayne:
"Great area but, employer needs to realize the recession is over and this isn't the 1980s."
Pros: I live about 25 minutes from work. Makes for a nice commute to decompress.
Cons: Lack of opportunity

Network Administrator in Tucson:
"Satisfying but underpaid."
Pros: Atmosphere and community
Cons: Pay and job growth

Network Administrator in New York:
"Perfect culture."
Pros: I love it because it has lots of challenges along with difficulties which made me take responsibilities along with actions toward any issues facing my career.
Cons: The traffic is so bad and rush hour is almost crazy.

Network Administrator in Little Elm:
"Constant Sale of Company."
Started as a privately owned company. Once it went public it has been sold several times. The constant change has made the job more difficult.

Network Administrator in Rosemont:
"It's too busy."
Pros: Our building is nice. Culture.
Cons: I am not really enjoying Rosemont. It is hard to get there. Traffic/commute.