Nurse Case Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Nurse Case Manager?

Nurse Case Manager in Texarkana:
Pros: Providing comfort to patients and familes in need.
Cons: Na.

Nurse Case Manager in Long Beach:
Stay focus but keep life balance.

Nurse Case Manager in Des Moines:
"Rewarding independent nursing judgement."
Pros: Independence and advocacy.
Cons: On call responsibilities and prolonged hours.

Nurse Case Manager in Missoula:
"Keep your focus."
Keep advancing your skills and knowledge.

Nurse Case Manager in New York City:
Hold on hard to your integrity. Do not sell out - no matter what you see going on around you ... Even with other Nurses and administration. Proper utilization of hospital resources is important but patients and advocating for them must be a very high priority.

Nurse Case Manager in San Diego:
Share your knowledge about the daily responsibilities, career path, stress levels, perks and valuable skills associated with this job.

Nurse Case Manager in Charlotte:
"Benefits package cost."
Work smarter not harder don't give until it hurts. Collaborate with ancillary staff and MD for assistance. You are not an island so surround yourself with knowledgeable medical people it will prove beneficial for you as well as the member.