Nurse Case Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Nurse Case Manager?

Nurse Case Manager:
Poor training, communication, work flows, and pay. Not worth transitioning. MGT are hands off because they are to busy to help their people. Only good thing is 401k match. Other benefits are average,

Nurse Case Manager in Atlanta:
"Work load and census."

Nurse Case Manager in Fort Smith:
"Love my current job."
Pros: Being in my own community.
Cons: Lack of opportunities due to being a small town.

Nurse Case Manager in Atlanta:
"Cost of Living."
Pros: Making a difference in someone life.
Cons: The traffic driving into work daily and driving home. It's more strain on my lifestyle because of it.

Nurse Case Manager in Albuquerque:
"Unrealistic expectations."
Vet the company.

Nurse Case Manager in San Francisco:
Pros: Great weather, public transportation.
Cons: Bad traffic, high cost of living.

Nurse Case Manager in Columbus:
Get 2 years experience, leave.