Office Administrator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Office Administrator?

Office Administrator in Santa Rosa:
Pros: I love the people I work with! I like what I do. I like the flexibility of my employers.
Cons: No paid vacation. Very few holidays off. Income is a little low.

Office Administrator in Salinas:
Pros: Flexibility.
Cons: No benefits of any kind.

Office Administrator in Green Bay:
"Great Working Environment."
Pros: We are a locally owned company with only 12 full time employees. We do hire a lot of temps also. I like working in an atmosphere where everyone knows each other well, we are not treated like numbers. I like being the office administrator because I help out all the production managers, and the owner. I know everything that is going on with our customers, and I make sure they are happy with the work we are providing.
Cons: The owner of this company is new and there have been many changes from the corporate level that has been challenging. When things are not getting done correctly, my boss is passive on handing consequences.

Office Administrator in Statesville:
Pros: The people I work with and having somewhat of a flexible schedule.
Cons: I feel like I am not compensated salary wise for the amount of work and long hrs.

Office Administrator in Ambridge:
"Stress level."
Never, ever show favorites amongst the employees you supervise.

Office Administrator in Bloomingdale:
Make sure that you will be compensated for all the extra that you are asked to do. As well as make sure that a they realize that your degree cost. Always stress the important of your degree and your time and effect that you place to achieve it.

Office Administrator in Villa Park:
Have a strength within.