Office Administrator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Office Administrator?

Office Administrator in Granger:
Pros: Helping customers, improving processes, flexibility.
Cons: Working for a volunteer board who were not involved in the day to day business and did not have a vested interest beyond their personal interest.

Office Administrator in Lafayette:
"Finding Your Niche."
Welcome the opportunities before you and keep an open mind about people. Approach every 'problem' as an opportunity to learn or teach. Remember that not everyone learns the same way nor 'hears' the same way. If you can't seem to reach someone, talk to them and ask if they can help you help them in a way that both of you come out winning at what you need. Find balance between work and home or outside activities to make your life more relaxed and fulfilling. Exercise and above all... BREATHE! You get to smell the roses that way. Smile even when you don't feel like it. Eventually you will and others will feel more willing to work with you and for you if they perceive that you are happy. Practice what you preach and you will find your niche.

Office Administrator in San Diego:
"Corporate culture, personal development."
Pros: Ability to assist others build their own business. Be really organised and see how that benefits the function and flow of the business day and business goals.
Cons: Locked into the 9-5 scenario; having to work over time and not get paid for that time.

Office Administrator in Johannesburg:
"My work story."
Pros: The environment is a free environment friendly hard working people.
Cons: There is no promotion.

Office Administrator in Manteca:
Do the job right the first time.

Office Administrator in Penn:
"Busy, great hours office conditions."
Pros: Medical records in hospital.
Cons: Pay.

Office Administrator in Atlanta:
"Work Hard & Speak Up."
Do not allow your hard work to go unrewarded. I started this job underpaid with the promise of a significant increase. We have since downsized and reorganized and I have yet to see that significant increase. I knew the situation the company was in and I tried to be an understanding employee. But that understanding has not paid off. Work hard always, but make sure you speak up when it comes to being rewarded for your hard work. I am now going to follow my own advice.