Office Clerk, General Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Office Clerk, General?

Office Clerk, General in Murray:
"Office Conditions."
Pros: I love the people I work with. I'm confident about the work I do, and enjoy it.
Cons: The uncertainty of every election year when a new sheriff may come in and possibly replace me.

Office Clerk, General in Kennesaw:
"Create Efficiency And Organization"
Pros: I enjoy keeping my department in order and managing individual projects to make sure we stay on goal and be as efficient as possible.
Cons: I do not like people pushing off their work on to me. I also make less than anyone in the department despite my seniority.

Office Clerk, General in Wakefield:
Pros: Flex schedule.
Cons: Being forced to work in other departments to pick up everyone else's slack. I work way too hard for my pay. Performing many tasks outside of job description and training, and told that is what is expected.

Office Clerk, General in Ronkonkoma:
"Work Routine."
Pros: What I like about the job is that it is fairly simple to do and not much experience is needed to do it. If you can operate a computer then you can do the job after being guided a little.
Cons: What I like least is that it is a routine job without much variety in it. All you have to do is observe videos and file tickets. It gets repetitive after awhile but it is something that you just have to accept. In the end you are getting paid for something relatively easy to do.