Office Clerk, General Advice

Q: What is it like working as an Office Clerk, General?

Office Clerk, General in Cleveland:
"That pay raises are very hard to get."
Make sure you know how often pay raises are given. Make sure you are getting paid for the knowledge of work you know.

Office Clerk, General in Austin:
"Knowing the market trends for salaries."
Be proactive, be patient and take your time.

Office Clerk, General in Troy:
"No promotion."
Ask a lot of question more detail of the job.

Office Clerk, General in Rock Island:
Should have been more specific and aimed for Admin assistant at BHC.

Office Clerk, General in New York:
Over work with less salary at the job.

Office Clerk, General in Charlotte:
Pros: Organize paper work.
Cons: Poor English and no degree.

Office Clerk, General in Lewisville:
"Wonderful Experience."
Pros: I like that I able to be a little more independent with what needs to be done. I have my own office and do whatever I need to do. The environment and the people that I work with are amazing. We are a team.
Cons: The frustration that the customers get when they come into the office with a complaint about their water bill. I also, don't like how people underestimate me and think that I am not capable enough to help them just because of my age.