Office Clerk, General Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Office Clerk, General?

Office Clerk, General in Bonifay:
Pros: I love working with everyone here except, I do not agree with how things are managed. Management does not seem to be working for the better of the employees or the company even. It seems that the management decisions are made with only one person in mind.
Cons: Feeling on edge at all times. As much as I would like to believe that I am safe in my job I am constantly reminded that I am not valued, I am not appreciated, and I am reminded of all past mistakes constantly by management. It makes me feel like I am not wanted here and then when I need to use my paid time off it Is constantly brought up that I am never at work. So I am not wanted here but also if I am not here that is a problem.

Office Clerk, General in Indianapolis:
"Going above and beyond."
Pros: I like the flexibility given throughout the organization as well as my friendly co-workers and peers.
Cons: the pay.

Office Clerk, General in Byron:
"It is okay because it not far where I live and nice place."
Pros: I like working with the school system
Cons: I just do not like the pay

Office Clerk, General in Somerville:
"Can a Office Clerk make it?"
Pros: Close to home
Cons: Pay

Office Clerk, General in Irving:
"Pay grade."
Dont expect promotions

Office Clerk, General in Chicago:
Pros: The people and diversity enjoy working with the public.
Cons: Working hard and not compensated..Sometime there is no team effort.