Office Clerk, General Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Office Clerk, General?

Office Clerk, General in Mattawa:
Pros: I have a job close to home.
Cons: The pay.

Office Clerk, General in Chicago:
"I enjoy working in Chicago's Central Business District."
Pros: I like that fact that everything you want or need is in close proximity.
Cons: I do not like having to use the Chicago Transit Authority to commute everyday, but it is a better alternative than driving downtown Chicago.

Office Clerk, General in Garden City:
"It's busy."
Pros: It's productive, it's fast faced.
Cons: Management has unrealistic goals, mistreatment.

Office Clerk, General in Norfolk:
"Good Location to work."
Pros: The area is great.
Cons: Weather is so unpredictable.

Office Clerk, General in Sand Point:
"Office clerk in sand point."
Pros: No need for transportation. Free food and laundry service.

Office Clerk, General in Hampton:
"I am a Front Desk Receptionist in an Administration Office."
Pros: I love working with people. I see many people coming for workshops, fingerprinting and new employees....I do my best to make them feel comfortable and welcome.

Office Clerk, General in Cleveland:
"That pay raise is not very well known here."
See how often you get a pay raise. Do you meet with someone to discuss your work. What can you do to get a raise.