Operations Analyst Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Operations Analyst?

Operations Analyst in Sharjah:
"Operations analyst."
Pros: Learning new things.
Cons: Stress and less paid.

Operations Analyst in Lenexa:
"Corporate Culture."
Pros: There is no micromanagement, able to do my job independently and take charge in places that are needed.
Cons: The financial strength of the company which influences my personal compensation.

Operations Analyst in Denver:
"Great opportunity for growth."
Pros: My job gives me flexibility to grow into different functional areas. It is a small company so I have the opportunity to work with a lot of different areas of the business.
Cons: I like most things about my job. I turned down a higher offer to take this job, so compensation is on my mind. Especially looking at industry standards.

Operations Analyst in Novi:
Pros: Busy days go by fast Perks relocation job security.
Cons: High Stress and long days. Overworked.

Operations Analyst in Nashville:
"Six Sigma Focus-High Metric Retrieval."
Pros: I love that I can constantly learn in my work environment and improve my skills with technology, business, and with people. The flexibility and drive that they provide at Caterpillar have pushed me to the next level, and promoted me to improve myself everyday. I have a lot of contact with high level managers and VP;s of the company, which allows me to see the company from top to bottom, from the inside out. I also reach out globally to all the other offices we have in the world.
Cons: I would say the pay is what I currently like the least.

Operations Analyst in Chicago:
"Ops Analyst."
Pros: Process improvement and solution implementation as well as being able to test different theories on how to build a successful business.
Cons: Small company, upper management disconnect.

Operations Analyst in Fremont:
"Exciting Job, But Lots Of Work."
Pros: Fast paced environment, lots of smart coworkers, challenging.
Cons: Sometimes overworked, long commute.