Operations Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Operations Manager?

Operations Manager in Ashburn:
"After School STEAM Manager."
Pros: Helping children to expand their knowledge of technology and to see them succeed.
Cons: My Boss Is sometimes hard to work with, too thrifty and disorganized.

Operations Manager in Lancaster:
"Too Many Hats."
Pros: I look forward to the challenge of bringing organization to the business.
Cons: It my particular workplace, too few people with too many hats to wear.

Operations Manager in Albert Lea:
"Days that feel very rewarding and days that are so stressful."
Pros: Making people happy about the product we make.
Cons: The stress when employees are not happy and thing are slow.

Operations Manager in Lenexa:
Pros: Flexibility but that is now being limited due to me having to track my hours.
Cons: Structure. Limiting the growth of me as a leader and furthering my career. Not enough responsibility as an operations manager.

Operations Manager in Laguna Hills:
"CJ Operations Manager Summary."
Pros: The work we do and what we provide our customers with.
Cons: No benefits. Not adequate vacation time. Not enough pay. Too much time spent doing jobs that are not mine.

Operations Manager in Los Angeles:
"Work Flexibility, Learning a trade."
Pros: - Money.
Cons: - Treatment and Pay.

Operations Manager in Newark:
Pros: I get to work with dome great people in my position.
Cons: I feel like I am underpaid. We also work in very hott condition's with no way of cooling off. We work 12 hour shifts.