Operations Manager Advice

Q: What is it like working as an Operations Manager?

Operations Manager in Kansas City:
"Solid Career Choice - Electrical Engineering."
I believe that people thrive in the right systems. We all want to work in a place with defined responsibilities, accountable management, and a progressive culture. I try to provide that.

Operations Manager in Panama City:
"Seek Out Certifications In Multiple Fields."
Obtain certifications in various disciplines, I.e. Project Management, Quality, Six Sigma, Operations, while in college. You will be more enticing to future employers.

Operations Manager in Abidjan:
"Operations manager transit."
Pros: Freedom of desicion making.
Cons: High stress.

Operations Manager in Daphne:
"Choose Wisely."
Pros: I enjoy seeing the business grow because of the guys I have hired and trained. I have a lot of freedom in my job and get to travel a bit. My bosses live 4 hours away so it's just me and my guys down here.
Cons: Was told I would have raise in 3 months, it's been over 2 years without one. Had to relocate my family 250 miles for this job. Have to use my vehicle to do estimates, handle damages, drive guys to pick up rental trucks. 60,000 miles on my car in under 2 years due to job with no help in repairs. (Tires, oil change, rotate tires, brakes.) Will get yelled at if I put too much fuel in my truck. No benefits. (Insurance) Have doubled our sales since I became manager and have had no raise, no bonus, no hint of anything better to come. 5 years in this industry, 3 years managing and average less than when I was not in management. Had to upgrade my cell phone plan to accommodate work. No reimbursement. Rent is higher for less space than where I moved from. Work comes home with me (customers calling, employee problems etc.) Having to handle problems caused by home office as well as local issues. No future. Empty promises.

Operations Manager in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii:
"Labor intensive."
Be able to multi- task and be very organized.

Operations Manager in Columbus:
"Its A Lot Of Work."
Pros: The fact I get paid, that I have paid holidays and vacation time.
Cons: Having to fix problems caused by undependable people and co-workers not doing their share.

Operations Manager in Waterloo:
Pros: The opportunity.
Cons: Top down management, high stress, work load, not much support.