Operations Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Operations Manager?

Operations Manager in Los Angeles:
"Supportive team, friendly environment."
Pros: Problem solving, data management, customer relations.
Cons: Customer service, commute, no dental.

Operations Manager in Durham:
"Flexible hours, interesting and varied work."
Pros: My boss is very clear and communicates his priorities well. That makes it much easier for me to delegate tasks given to me and communicate the appropriate priorities to my subordinates. It is a very small business (<5 workers), and so the culture is very casual and my hours are flexible, so long as I schedule them a week in advance.
Cons: When we go into panic mode, when I or someone else misses something and I have to scramble to pick up the pieces. Regardless of how it happened, making sure it doesn't happen again in a non-confrontational way. I also dislike doing any customer service work (especially phones), which I have to do occasionally when one of my employees is unable to come in to work that day.

Operations Manager in Royal Oak:
"As COO of All American Pet Resorts Royal Oak."
Pros: We have an awesome caring staff!
Cons: Client communication & anecdote.

Operations Manager in Billings:
Pros: Great Employees and non-political issues.
Cons: High stress, old equipment--most days half of all locations are broke, very long hours.

Operations Manager in Fayetteville:
"Stressful but satisfying."
Pros: I make most of the decisions.
Cons: Hard to keep staff to cover Scheduled clients.

Operations Manager in Iowa City:
"Very Stressful, work flexibility, bad office conditions,"
Pros: Working with people and finding a better way to do work processes.
Cons: No upper management support, no appreciation.

Operations Manager in Fairfield:
"Work life."
Pros: Managing challenges with protocol or systems. I enjoy fixing and creating newer efficient protocols that improve service and/or productivity.
Cons: The turnover in employees and the challenges of staffing. I also don't like the immature behavior of some employees that impede the team to work in a professional, efficient manner. The manager is not engaged and is reactive to issues rather than proactive. The hours can be an impact on home life and days off are never really days off without an issue being called to you at all hours. While some calls are legit, some are not and require simple common sense or remembering their training.