Operations Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Operations Manager?

Operations Manager in Pine Island:
Pros: Delivering the highest expectations in an industry that demands perfection.

Operations Manager in Leander:
"Manage time, inventory, and people with time management."
Pros: The people I work with and the experience I get for everyday life.
Cons: Sometimes, those of the younger generation have no respect.

Operations Manager in Great Falls:
"Many, many hats to wear!"
Pros: I the like that it I am always solving problems. All day long it's a feeling of accomplishment. I also like that people look to you for answers and you usually have them.
Cons: The hours and that I'm always on call.

Operations Manager in Santa Paula:
Pros: I like being able to work on a variety of different things from one place.
Cons: That I am so far away from the job and communication is difficult.

Operations Manager in Sacramento:
Pros: Logistics and analytical analysis.
Cons: High stress levels.

Operations Manager in Raleigh:
"Very long days and lots of responsibility."
Pros: The people and the customers make it the best.
Cons: The complaining of the workers and the hours.

Operations Manager in Kew Gardens:
"Its very time consumming."
Pros: The constant satisfaction of accomplishment.
Cons: I'm always on call I have to deal with every issue that ever comes up whether with customers ,supply orders, bad product return, mechanical issues and the drivers. And our sales person is very close to the boss and does a bad job communicating.