Operations Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Operations Manager?

Operations Manager in Middleboro:
"Like a military campain everyday."
Pros: Fighting the war against hunger.
Cons: Having only 29 hours of paid time a week to serve 404 a month.

Operations Manager in Spring Park:
Pros: Being in charge, always knowing what's going on with in the company. Culture within the company is good, growing and always evolving.
Cons: The day that nothing seems to go right.

Operations Manager in San Jose:
Pros: The flexability of my hours, and my tasks.
Cons: The pay, the atmosphere and the location.

Operations Manager in Paulsboro:
Pros: The ability to change, and adapt to constantly changing environment.
Cons: The long hours, and employees that are really not looking to work, or seek any type of advancement.

Operations Manager in Boise:
"Corporate culture, employee support, company strategy."
Pros: The opportunity to grow and develop as a person, as well as the company itself.
Cons: We are still considered a start up, resulting in a lot of process/system development.

Operations Manager in Mumbai:
"Organization Details."
Pros: Interesting and a new experience.
Cons: Rude colleagues and no cash benefits.

Operations Manager in St. Louis:
"Work flexibility."
Pros: The interaction with people and customer service.
Cons: Corporate culture.