Operations Manager Advice

Q: What is it like working as an Operations Manager?

Operations Manager in San Antonio:
"Opportunity happens for those who work hard."
Focus on one fire at a time picked the biggest one the delegate the ithers . Remember there is always one coming in and one going out.

Operations Manager in Charlotte:
"Work hard."
Get to work before your employees and leave after all of them.

Operations Manager in Houston:
"How involved it was."
Work hard and pave your own way.

Operations Manager in San Francisco:
"Security Operations Manager."
Pros: Flexibility and build your own schedule.
Cons: Time consuming. Incompetent labor force and political office drama.

Operations Manager in Livermore:
"Wonderful, everyone counts on me."
Pros: High level of support and confidence from Management Team.
Cons: Fast growth means high stress.

Operations Manager in Los Angeles:
"Mid to high stress, need accounting, distribution experience."
Need understanding of employee management, accounting, distribution, IT, credit, manage customer and vendor relationships.

Operations Manager in Minneapolis:
Pros: Flexible schedule when they don't need me.
Cons: Always on call.