Operations Supervisor Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Operations Supervisor?

Operations Supervisor in New York:
"The Pros and Cons."
Pros: Probably the only thing I like about my job is my direct shipping manager that I report too. And that's because of the extremely efficient environment he creates for us too work in. He postures us so that his shipping staff is able to duplicate him, and ultimately be as efficient as he is.
Cons: My main issue is that I want to earn more money. But the stores business is not doing as well as it should; and there's not much team work amongst the sales employees, to create more business and generate more money. The majority of them just want to get there check, I'm under the impression that they are not here for the consistency of business. I want to be apart of a team where we work as such and there is a better chance of progression leading to me brighter future.

Operations Supervisor in Johnson City:
Pros: Employees are great to work with. Everyday is different. Keeps me challenged.
Cons: Work schedule. Long hours.

Operations Supervisor in Miami:
"I like that every day is different."
Pros: I like to work in a very high environment, and make the production get the Higher level possible.
Cons: I have to Wake up very early, 4:00am.

Operations Supervisor in Levittown:
"I like it."
Pros: I'm the boss and get to run things how I see fit.
Cons: Waiting for supplies to reach us from the main warehouse.

Operations Supervisor in Nashville:
Pros: Very competitive environment and promotes from within.
Cons: Awful work culture that treats people badly.

Operations Supervisor in Durham:
Pros: -Flexibility. -Freedom. -Began working "on the ground floor" when company first launched. -Culture. -Diversity.
Cons: -Low Pay. -Limited advancement opportunities. -Demanding hours.

Operations Supervisor in Edwards:
Pros: Working with great people that are like minded.
Cons: Having to watch those that work the hardest and in the most dangerous conditions get paid and taken care if so poorly by management.