Operations Supervisor Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Operations Supervisor?

Operations Supervisor in Tunkhannock:
Pros: Customer relations. Hands on work. Associate relations.
Cons: Overextended. Long hours. Little time off.

Operations Supervisor in Lafayette:
"A puppet."
Pros: Monday thru friday.
Cons: No emphasis on keeping equipment running like they should be.

Operations Supervisor in Baltimore:
"Extra Duties."
There is always more to the job than what you are intially told.

Operations Supervisor in Lafayette:
"Worth the effort."
Pros: High pay, rewarding. Lots of responcability.
Cons: High stress environment. Few succeed.

Operations Supervisor in Waterford:
"Management destroyed trust and reliability."
Pros: The pay! G4S management at my place of work needs to be reorganized.
Cons: Micromanagment. The lack of communication and the untrustworthy manager.

Operations Supervisor in Concord:
Pros: Many interesting challenges related to streamlining performances and creating structure.
Cons: In my office (not going to speak about the industry as a whole), the office manager and the operations supervisor wear all the same hats.

Operations Supervisor in Fresno:
"I wish I new there would never be a raise."
That if there is no opertunituy for a raise be carefull if your company only offers bonuses then to see how much control you have to actually achieving a bonus.