Operations Supervisor Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Operations Supervisor?

Operations Supervisor in Atlanta:
"Still Pursuing."
Pros: It is fast paced and I get to learn a lot about operations and logistics.
Cons: I am underpaid and work long hours.

Operations Supervisor in Alexandria:
"Busy on your feet work environment."
Pros: The ability to work with animals.
Cons: No paid vacation and you have to work holidays.

Operations Supervisor in Raleigh:
"Get to know your people early."
Spend time getting to know your team. Not just for you, but for them. Understand what motivates them and what they need. Make it clear early on, we can be friendly...but we have to run our business. If you truly care about your people and you make them see it, they will care about you and the business. Coach in small pieces, they'll appreciate it. Be honest with them. Telling them something that's no good is good will get you and them nowhere. It takes time to earn integrity, but it doesn't take much time to lose it.

Operations Supervisor in Washington:
Pros: Seeing people improve in their job positions.
Cons: The stress that often come with the position.

Operations Supervisor in Carson:
"Great company."
Pros: You get to work and train with great employees... Also in-house training provided by upper management.
Cons: Human resources constantly picking or micromanaging employees... Looking to see if your not doing your job...don't let employees work comfortably or do there jobs with HR breathing on there backs!

Operations Supervisor in Thousand Oaks:
Pros: I love the dogs and the people I work with.
Cons: It was not what I wanted to do, I took the job to take care of animals and was promoted to babysitter of people. I also am being to asked to do more than I get paid for.

Operations Supervisor in West Pensacola:
"How much it paid."
Always say yes to anything asked of you and you will go far in the company.