Operations Supervisor Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Operations Supervisor?

Operations Supervisor in Alexandria:
"Busy on your feet work environment."
Pros: The ability to work with animals.
Cons: No paid vacation and you have to work holidays.

Operations Supervisor in Washington:
Pros: Seeing people improve in their job positions.
Cons: The stress that often come with the position.

Operations Supervisor in Thousand Oaks:
Pros: I love the dogs and the people I work with.
Cons: It was not what I wanted to do, I took the job to take care of animals and was promoted to babysitter of people. I also am being to asked to do more than I get paid for.

Operations Supervisor in Tunkhannock:
Pros: Customer relations. Hands on work. Associate relations.
Cons: Overextended. Long hours. Little time off.

Operations Supervisor in Concord:
Pros: Many interesting challenges related to streamlining performances and creating structure.
Cons: In my office (not going to speak about the industry as a whole), the office manager and the operations supervisor wear all the same hats.

Operations Supervisor in Yonkers:
"Corporate culture."
Pros: Very challenging and flexible.
Cons: Salary.

Operations Supervisor in Griffin:
Pros: The responsibility and freedom to be my own success which in turn is our company's success.
Cons: Feast or famine. Reactive containment, work volume changes one day to the next.