Outside Sales Representative Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Outside Sales Representative?

Outside Sales Representative in Santa Clarita:
"Great Company to work for."
Pros: One of the best companies I have worked for. A multitude of product offerings. Great benefits though recently they have changed their benefit offerings. Flexibility and working hours are more in line with what you want to work.
Cons: Long hours during the busy season May-September.

Outside Sales Representative in Missoula:
"My dog likes my job."
Pros: Scheduling freedom & intellectual challenge. I get to work for owners with good values.
Cons: There has been no opportunity for real growth within the position.

Outside Sales Representative in Tulsa:
"Solving problems while delivering value."
Pros: - Meeting new customers and discovering their needs. - Educating customers by performing demonstrations and training. - Customer care after the sale.
Cons: - Customers manipulations for free products with no intention of purchasing. - Long driving times.

Outside Sales Representative in Albany:
"Customer stubborness."
Be prepared for rejection. More often than not even existing customers/clients have little time to gab. Short and to the point is best.

Outside Sales Representative in Denver:
"Work Flexibility."
Pros: Being able to create my own schedule and manage my own time.
Cons: The management is inexperienced. I am not bettering myself in any way.

Outside Sales Representative in Oklahoma City:
"Travel and meeting people."
Pros: Helping customers out and earning income while doing so.
Cons: I do not feel I am compensated fairly.

Outside Sales Representative in Anchorage:
"Outside sales."
Pros: Being able to get outside the office and talk with customers. The relationships formed with them are great.
Cons: The stress of a surprise order with a tight deadline can take its toll.