Painter Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Painter?

Painter in Napa:
Pros: Weather. Nice people. Opportunities. Good pay.
Cons: A small amount of pay scale discrimination due to me being from Alabama where the pay and cost of living is so different it being so different I don't understand what normal pay for my same work in the area is.

Painter in Lakeland:
I wish I had more experience spray painting.

Painter in Oak Park:
"I remodel vacant apartments."
Pros: It's a residential building.
Cons: Poor communication with associates.

Painter in Greenland:
"Commute is nice, hours are good."

Painter in Charlotte:
"Work hard."
Pros: It's easy.
Cons: Some times no work.

Painter in Melbourne:
Take pride in your work work hard)

Painter in Las Vegas:
"Real world."
Hone your skills to be the best painter you can, because nepotism is limited, a strong skill set is limitless.