Painter Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Painter?

Painter in Shamokin:
"Not the best."
Pros: Not far from home
Cons: Money could be better

Painter in Farmerville:
"Spraying the paint is the easy part."
Be patient and focus on prepping, even though it sucks. The little details can make a huge difference in the end. You're gonna get the instant gratification no one else does. However, when something isn't right you get the blame. You'll become cocky and arrogant and this advice make you chuckle or whatever.

Painter in Dallas:
"Truth. ."
Pros: The people are friendly and the traffic is not too bad if you take toll roads.
Cons: The Mexicans have taken over the construction business and they don't even speak English.

Painter in Fremont:
Pros: It’s a consistent job, we work all year around, my boss has a great reputation on doing an excellent job for his contractors.
Cons: We sometimes drive to Wahoo and other towns for work. We get nothing for time traveled and no compensation for gas.

Painter in Grand Rapids:
Pros: That they pay what your worth and treat you like you should be.
Cons: That I live so far away and the traffic is ridiculous.

Painter in Brunswick:
"That there cheap and don't like paying descent for hard work."
Don't become one.

Painter in Henrico:
"It's calm but tedious."
Pros: Making something look better than it was before.
Cons: The amount I'm paid and how I'm valued as a worker.